Speech and Drama

Special awards in this section:

The James Duffy Cup, for the highest mark in Group Drama 
The Tommy McElhinney Cup, for the best in Choral Verse 
The Tommy Carr Cup, for the school attaining the highest number of points as per the Samuel Burke Award 
The Veritas Trophy, to be presented to the competitor who in the adjudicator’s opinion gave the best Bible Reading interpretation. (Comp: 245-246 only) 
The Detta Toland Trophy, for the best performance in Group Mime or Dance Drama. 

Please Note:  2023 Favourite Poems  - Poems must be kept short and copy provided

Please Note:  Comp: 250 - Story Telling -  Legends, myths, fairy tales of Ireland. - A new bursary and Shield has been donated this year by the family of the Late Charlie McDaid who was a skilful story teller and prose speaker.  Please consider supporting this competition. 

Please leave copies of own choice poems/prose/original material with the Speech & Drama Co-ordinator, at least two weeks before Feis begins. You will find her details on the Contact page

Prompting or coaching is not permitted by anyone other than the adjudicator or Feis Assistants.   

Teachers are kindly requested to see that pupils keep to CORRECT AGE GROUPS.

All Teachers requiring a Pass will need to submit a 
Passport Size Photograph with Entries.
There will be no Free Entry at this year's Feis without
Official Photographic I.D.

Poetry - Individual

Code Title Age
201 Preschool Verse - Under 5yrs Age 3 & under 5yrs - not yet in Primary 1
202 Children's Verse Primary 1-2 or age at least 5yrs
203 Girls' Verse Primary 3 or age 6-7yrs
204 Boys' Verse Primary 3 or age 6-7yrs
205 Girls' Verse Primary 4 or age 7-8
206 Boys' Verse Primary 4 or age 7-8yrs
207 Girls' Verse Primary 5 or age 8-9yrs
208 Boys Verse Primary 5 or age 8-9yrs
209 Girls' Verse Primary 6 or age 9-10yrs
210 Boys' Verse Primary 6 or age 9-10yrs
211 Girls' Verse Primary 7 or age 10 & under 11yrs
212 Boys Verse P7 or age 10-11yrs
213 Young People's Verse Yr 8 or age 11-12yrs
214 Young People's Verse- Yr 9 or age 12 -13yrs
215 Young People's Verse- Yr 10 or age 13 -14yrs
216 Young People's Verse Yr 11 or Age 14-15yrs
217 The Junior Repertoire - Gallagher Shield & Bursary Years 10&11 or age 13 & under 15yrs
218 Senior Poetry Recital - Seamus Heaney Cup & Bursary Year 12 & above or age 15yrs & over
219 Yeats Competition - Yeats Cup Year 12 & above or age 15yrs & over
220 Senior Repertoire - W. Conaghan Shield/Bursary Year 12 & above or age 15 yrs & Over
221 Favourite Poem-Feis Cup P7 & Year 8 or age 10-12yrs
222 Favourite Poem-Feis Cup Years 9 & 10 or age12-14yrs
223 Favourite Poem-Feis Cup Year 11 & above or age 14yrs & over
224 Original Poetry P1 to P7 or at least 5-11yrs
225 Original Poetry-George Hamill Cup Yr8/Yr9/Yr10 or Age 11-14 yrs
226 Original Poetry-Feis Cup Year 11 & above or age 14yrs & over

Choral Verse Speaking

Code Title Age
227 Choral Verse - Springfield H. W. Co. Ltd. Cup & Bursary Primary Schools
228 Choral Verse - Marian Fleming Cup & Bursary Post Primary Schools

Prose and Speech

Code Title Age
229 Studied prose P3 Primary 3 or age 6-7yrs
230 Studied Prose-P4 Primary 4 or age 7-8yrs
231 Studied Prose - P5 Primary 5 or age 8-9yrs
232 Studied Prose-P6 Primary 6 or age 9-10yrs
233 Studied Prose-P7 Primary 7 or age 10-11yrs
234 Studied Prose-Yr8 Year 8 or age 11 -12yrs
235 Studied Prose-Yr9 Year 9 or age 12-13yrs
236 Studied Prose - yr10 -The Mayor's Trophy Yr10 or age 13-14yrs
237 Studied Prose-Yr11 Yr11 or Age 14-15yrs
238 Studied Prose-Yr12 &above - The Tower Cup Yr12 & above or age 15yrs & over

Sight Tests

Code Title Age
239 Sight Test-P7&Yr8 P7&Yr8 or age 10-12yrs
240 Sight Test-Yrs9&10- Feis Cup Yr9 & Yr10 or age 12-14yrs
241 Sight Test - McElhinney Shield Yr 11 & above or age 14yrs & over

Public Speaking

Code Title Age
242 Public Speaking - The Conaghan Cup & Bursary P7 /Yr8 /Yr9 /Yr10 or age 10-14yrs
243 Public Speaking - The Karen Gallinagh Murphy Shield & Bursary Yr 11 and above or age Over 14yrs

Prepared Bible Reading

Code Title Age
244 Prepared Bible Reading (Own Choice) - Junior P5/P6/P7 or age -8-11yrs
245 Prepared Bible Reading (Own Choice) - Intermediate Yr8/Y9/Y10 or age 11-14yrs
246 Prepared Bible Reading (Own Choice) - Senior -Feis Cup Yr 11 & above or age 14yrs & over

Drama (Solo and Group Work)

Code Title Age
247 Junior Character Study-McElhinney Shield P7 & Yr8 or age 10-12yrs
248 Intermediate Character study - McCloskey Shield Yr9 & Yr10 or aged 12-14yrs
249 Senior Character Study - Susan Foster Memorial Shield & Bursary Yr 11 & above or age 14yrs & over
250 Traditional Story Telling - The Charlie McDaid Memorial Shield & Bursary Open
251 Group Mime - Feis Cup Open
252 Dance Drama - Feis Cup Open
253 Group Drama - Feis Cup Primary Schools
254 Group Drama - Feis Cup Post Primary Schools

Overall Awards

Code Title Age
255 The Meriel Grant Shield & Bursary Age 10 -14 yrs
256 The Maureen Downey Cup & Bursary Age over 14yrs
The Derry Feis is registered as: Feis Dhoire Cholmcille Registered with The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland No: NIC 107559