A competitor should dance in this section only when he/she or their parents/guardian/teacher is satisfied as to safety. When a competitor or the adult responsible for him/her is dissatisfied on this account, the competitor should not dance and the entry fee will be refunded. At the discretion of the committee, competitors may supply their own accompaniment, live or recorded. Where a competitor requires a particular tune or set dance from the official accompanist, the competitor should ensure before the Feis that the accompanist is in a position to provide this.

Dancers, if eligible, may compete in both bun-grad and mean-grad dances in their age group. All Solo competitions will be mixed - Boys and Girls. The Boys Championships will be awarded separately.

Grade Dances - Entry Fee £5 per dance
Team Dances - Entry Fee £4 per person in teams of 2 or more & £25 for teams of 8 or more. See Competitions for all other Entry Fees.

Senior Dancer Bursary - A £100 Bursary will be awarded at this year’s Feis to a dancer competing in Senior Competitions over 16 years . See Special Awards of Syllabus for rules and conditions.The Feis Committee cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions on the application forms. It is the responsibility of the schools or individuals to correctly enter all information.

Competitors may enter dancing competitions by emailing the registrar uclifford2008@gmail.com - If a dancer is provisionally entered by email then they will not be subject to the late entry fee.

All Queries to Ursula Clifford, Feis Registrar - Tel:028 71374188/Mob:07968250317 OR Elizabeth McCloskey, Dance Co-Ordinator - Tel:028 71354773

This year Sashes will be awarded to all 1st place prize winners in the Championship dances.

All Teachers requiring a Pass will need to submit a
Passport Size Photograph with Entries.
There will be no Free Entry at this year's Feis without
Official Photographic I.D.

Rinnce Competitions ~ click a section to expand.

Grade Dances (19 competitions)

Each dance will have separate adjudication - 1st-5th place (3 competitions)


Team Dances (16 competitions)