Classical Music

Special awards in this section:
The Bridget Cassidy Cup, for most promising violinist.
The Donal MacCafferty Award, for the most promising instrumentalist Under-16.
The William West Memorial Cup, for the best interpretation of a piece of classical music.

Rialacha (Rule) No:6 states -- Competitors must not present the same song, music or drama piece for more than one competition during the Feis week. Exception to the rule only where specifically stated in a competition.

In ‘Own Choice’ selections in the Classical Music Section, a considerable proportion of the marks will be awarded for an imaginative yet suitable choice of items (and range where appropriate) and for the use of suitable editions.

It is compulsory to submit all own choice pieces at least 2 weeks before Feis begins - Please be aware that all woodwind & brass competitions are own choice this year. This means that the Accompanist has a greater work load and needs own choice music to be submitted asap before Feis begins. Failure to submit music may have an adverse effect on the Competitor. All music queries to Pat MacCafferty Music Secretary 02871352333

All Teachers requiring a Pass will need to submit a
Passport Size Photograph with Entries.
There will be no Free Entry at this year's Feis without
Official Photographic I.D.

Classical Music Competitions ~ click a section to expand.

Piano (18 competitions)

Strings (9 competitions)

Woodwind and Brass (11 competitions)

Ensembles (19 competitions)