1. The Feis Committee reserves to itself the right to cancel competitions or to withhold prizes.

2. An official accompanist will be provided by the Committee for the Vocal Music section,excluding Choral Music Classes, competitors may bring their own accompanist if they wish. ForInstrumental and Choral Music classes, competitors must state at the time of entry if they require theofficial accompanist. In all cases, a copy of own choice music for the accompanist is to be suppliedone month in advance; otherwise, the official accompanist will not be provided.

3. In all cases of ‘own choice' selection (other than Traditional), a copy of each piece must beprovided for the Adjudicator (in staff notation) two weeks in advance. Pieces included in this year'sand last year's syllabus may not be chosen.

4. Only one prize will be awarded where there are no more than three competitors; for two to beawarded there must be at least four competitors; and for three, a minimum of six. In Cupcompetitions for groups, the Committee regrets that medals cannot be awarded.

5. When a particular edition of music is specified, the competitors will be judged according to thatedition. Competitors may sing in a transposed key only with the permission of the Adjudicator. Atransposed copy is to be supplied for the accompanist one month in advance.

6. Competitors must not present the same song, music or drama pieces for more than onecompetition during the Feis. Exception to the rule only where specifically stated in a competition.

7. In all cases of merit the Adjudicator's decision shall be final; and in all cases of dispute orobjection the decision of the Committee in consultation with the Adjudicator shall be final.

8. Any objection to an award must be lodged in writing, together with a deposit of £5.00 within 24hours of the announcement of the result of the competition. The deposit shall be forfeited unless theobjection can be upheld.

9. In competitions where an age limit is specified, competitors must have reached this age on orbefore 1st January immediately preceding the Féis and produce evidence if such is required

10. Competitors must perform in the order in which their names appear in Leabhar na Feise;otherwise they may be liable for disqualification.

11. Challenge Cup or Shields may be retained by the holders until registration day of the followingFeis when they must be delivered up to the Secretary.

12. Previous Cup winners are at liberty, if they so wish, to enter again for the same Challenge Cupcompetition.

13. Competitors must confine themselves to one age group and this must be consistent whencompeting in competitions which have double age groups ie 10-12yrs etc. Competitors may onlycompete once in any competition. The only exception to this rule concerns the group work whichmay go up a year.

14. The Adjudicators may not be approached by any person other than members of the FeisCommittee.

15. The Committee reserves to itself the right to accept or reject entries. Where the Committee feelsthat the number of entries is rather large, it reserves the right to sub-divide a competition.Competitors must compete in the competition section on the day and at the time allocated to them ontheir Competitor's Ticket.


16. To submit your entries online go to http://www.derryfeis.com and register for online access.You will need to enter the School Name, Contact Name, Telephone and an Email address. Onregistration you will be contacted with a username, password and instructions. Please note that nopayment will be taken online and Entry Fee's must be posted or submitted to the Feis Registrar bySaturday 1st February 2020. For registration issues contact derryfeis@gmail.com.

17.Paper Entry Forms may still be used and are available for download on http://www.derryfeis.com.Entry forms should state name, address, date of birth of the competitor, and the number and the titleof the competition, and other information required by the rules of the syllabus. Entries for all Feiscompetitions, accompanied by all fees, should be submitted by Saturday 1st February 2020.

The Feis Office, The Playhouse, Artillery Street, will be open to the public for entries at thefollowing times:- 10.00am-12.00pm; 2.00pm-5.00pm, Friday 31st January and Saturday 1st February 2020

Postal entries ONLY may be addressed to:-

The Registrar,   The Secretary,
Mrs. Ursula Clifford,   Mrs. Aisling Bonner,
14 Oakfield Mews,   OR   16 The Meadows,
Templemore Road. BT48 8SN   Derry. BT48 8RJ
Mob: 0768250317
  Tel: 07970188662

All enquiries about Drama to:-   All enquiries about Music to:-
Drama Secretary,   Music Secretary,
Mrs. Betty Gallagher   Mr. Pat MacCafferty,
11 Waveney Park,   56 Brookhill,
Waterside   Culmore Road,
Derry.   Derry.
Tel: (028) 7134 6810   Tel: (028) 7135 2333

ENTRIES RECEIVED AFTER SATURDAY 1st February 2020 WILL BE SUBJECT TO A LATEFEE. Late entries will be accepted but only if the Feis can accommodate the competition.

To counteract the possibility of mistakes having been made, competitors are advised to keep a copy oftheir Entry Form. Allowance for genuine mistakes will be made for one fortnight only from the close ofentries. Where entries are made in bulk by schools etc., it is the responsibility of the individual competitorsor their parents to ensure that the entries are correct.

18. Bursary Cheques will no longer be payable during the Feis Week, but will be posted to theteacher or school of the recipient's choice. Please contact the Feis Office during Feis week if you wina bursary.

19. Competitors should be available to perform on any day of the Feis week. Because of the scale of theFeis and attendant organisation requirements, the scheduling of a particular competition for a particularday cannot be guaranteed. Should a competitor or group be unable to take part in an event for which theyhave entered, they are asked to inform the Secretary in advance, so as to avoid gaps in the programme ofperformances and consequent inconvenience to Adjudicators, audience and organisers. Fees arenon-returnable.

20. Use of Audio Recording, Video, Photography and Mobile Telephone is not permitted in theCompetition Halls.